I’ve  been  blogging  about  identity  theft  for  a  few  years now, but I feel that  sometimes people  still don’t understand  what  identity  is, and, if  stolen, how  it  affects  you. It’s always  someone  else. Someone else’s identity will be stolen. It  won’t  happen  to  me. I’m too smart. No  one  will get into my personal information, bank account, stocks. No one will be able to open an account in my name. that stuff happens on TV, it’s not reality.

We are looking  into  the face  of a  horror show. Ukraine is under attack. No one thought it would happen. It’s not real because it’s on TV. The news doesn’t report things accurately. They are blowing things up out of proportion. It’s not real.

Tell that to someone  who’s identity has been stolen. Tell it to their bank, mortgage  company, bill collector. Try  sleeping  at  night , wondering if the thief who has your  identity will take out a mortgage in your name in another state or country. Next week, month, or  5 years from no

When  your information is sold on the dark web, you’ll never find  the thief. You can’t change your name, credit  report, SS#, birth date. They  can do a  lot of damage  with that information for  the rest of your life, because that information will never change.

Treat identity theft like  a game happening  to someone else. Tell it to people in another country, who only want to live their life as they think they should, not life that  a dictator says you should. That is the hold a thief has on the victim. They dictate your soul, because it’s for life. Tell me how cyber crime isn’t real, that it doesn’t affect you.

It’s affecting  the world, right now. Tell it to relatives and friends of Ukranians, being  blown apart in their homes. Tell it to the people of Ukraine.

Look in the mirror, and tell me it doesn’t affect all of us. Oil, food, and shipping. Breaking into our electric grid and infrastructure. Wondering if our loved ones will be called into this mess to fight overseas with NATO  allies.

Tell me it doesn’t  matter.



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