Something is not adding up.  I remember my mother telling me that things were simpler in her day. Now, I’m saying the same thing about my childhood.  Each generation’s grandparents talk about the good old days. Things never seem to change.

     I don’t even want to watch the news anymore.  Everyone is on edge.  Between the coronavirus, the upcoming election, the economy, wildfires, and the like, it seems to me that were going around in circles and nothing is accomplished.  

     Should a police officer be held accountable when an innocent is gunned down? In August 2019, a homeless man living on the street was dragged by a rope around his neck by 2 police officers on horseback. They said it was justified because the man was loitering.  People are looting and burning down businesses, in the name of this or that. White supremacy. Black lives matter.
     I think all lives matter. I think were all important. I think the law should be the same for everyone. Have we become so jaded, so scared, that we stopped standing up for basic rights?

     Should businesses be held accountable for polluting our waters so badly, that fish mistake plastic for food? I just want to eat a fish, not a plastic soda bottle.

     Does my government have the right to spend $100 on a hammer? Or, is it my responsibility to vote the spendthrift out of office? Is it the government’s responsibility to keep me safe from an insidious virus? Or the drug companies?

     I lost my life savings as a victim of identity theft. The local DA said it was my fault. I am totally blind, and let the thief, who was my friend, help me write out a check to pay the lawnmower guy. I shouldn’t have trusted him to help me do that. He took my account number off the check, was able to get into my bank account online, and drained it. I should have trusted the lawnmower guy, who was a stranger.  So I wrote a book about it. It’s called “Identity Theft: A Victim’s Search for Justice” by Deborah E. Joyce.  When I researched my book, I came across story after story of people who were victimized by friends and family. They were seniors, disabled, recovering from surgery. One woman even stole her son’s life savings while he was in the Armed Forces with his unit fighting in Iraq.

     In the end, are we only responsible for ourselves? Our neighbor? Our country? Our planet?
Does it ever end?

Thanks for listening. As always, wash your hands, wear your mask, and remember to vote.

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