Today, the world mourns the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She was admired by all, and loved by the citizens in her reign.

It’s times like these when one must reflect on what’s important. People are important. Family and friends are important. Wealth, money, possessions will not follow you after you are gone. But the destruction that a thief leaves in his wake can be devastating. The thief doesn’t care, the government doesn’t care, laws don’t care. It’s we, the people, who care.

The loss of one’s life savings can turn your life around – from a middle-class life to homelessness. The thief doesn’t care about that ring that he stole. But you care, because that ring was left to you by a beloved relative who may not have had much of value. This thief sees with dollars, not the heart.

If we can come together to mourn a queen from another country, why can’t we come together for each other? The next time you vote, think of how the lack of law places all of us in a vulnerable situation. Money isn’t important, but it does let us live.

My condolences to the people of Great Britain on their loss. While not everyone may agree, we must say Long live the King.

Deborah E Joyce

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