Some info and resources I  found for Maui residents needing help. It was in a  news article and I  thought I  would pass it on. Please forward to those who need it.

Our thoughts and prayers will continue for Maui, and its residents affected by the fires. It doesn’t matter now how it happened. It matters how we move forward.
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Fyi: Source was NFB newsline article

FEMA call/Wildfire Recovery and Resilience Resource Guide from AANHPI ‘Ohana Center of Excellence


Some important info if you don’t have it already:

For those with damages and losses due to the fires, contact FEMA. There are several ways to do this:

  • Call 1-800-621-3362. Pro: you can speak to a live person. Con: long wait times are possible.
  • Go online at
  • FEMA app for smartphones
  • Go to a Disaster recovery center in the community.

After applying, an inspector will come to your home to assess, and then you will receive a letter or email with the decision, or a request for more information.

Those with disabilities who receive FEMA grants will not have their benefits (SSI/SSDI) affected. The FEMA benefits will not be taxed.

When asked for your income, you should enter your income PRIOR to the disaster (if you lost your job due to the fires, don’t put “$0” as your income).

Those who lost durable medical equipment may be able to get funding.

Kathleen Kenney at Maui’s Aloha Independent Living Center is maintaining an inventory of supplies for those with disabilities who need them. They are also assisting those who have lost personal identification documents, assisting folks with completing applications and other paperwork, advocacy, and replacement of durable medical equipment. Please contact her for more information.

Mental Health crisis counselors are available 24/7 at shelters.

Finally, the link below is for a really good website with many Maui-specific valuable resources. It includes information on a Disaster Distress Helpline – Call or Text 1-800 985-5990. Click on “Wildfire Recovery and Resilience Resource Guide”.

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