Another breach from Lifelock, showing Omni Hotels information. A data breach leaked names, addresses and emails from patrons. The hotel said sensitive financial data wasn’t leaked, so all is well.  Not really. If you read this column, then you know that emails can be hacked. Personal info such as a valid address or spelling of name is all that is necessary for a hacker to “prove” it’s you.


AT&T finally admitted two weeks ago that it was on their watch when millions of emails and sensitive data was hacked from their customers. Another opening for thieves include all those emails that we send out to unknown people. Not to mention the information that our friends have access to – here’s a case in point :



       When Japanese interpreter Ippei Mizuhara lost bets, he paid a bookmaker with money allegedly stolen from Shohei Ohtani, a staggering total of more
than $16 million nearly four times what previously had been reported.

     The affidavit alleges that more than $325,000 was transferred from the account to eBay and Whatnot between January and March 2024 to purchase about 1,000 baseball cards. Shohei Ohtani’s former interpreter Ippei Mizuhara was charged with felony bank fraud for allegedly stealing more than $16 million.

Los Angeles Times…



While I can say that I am responsible for who I send emails to, I don’t believe I should be responsible for a breach caused by a large corporation such as AT&T.  It is also my opinion that Mr. Ohtani should feel that his money is protected in a safe place. Are they saying that his bank didn’t notice $325,000 moved from his bank to eBay in two months? Not to mention the other millions.


I keep referring to responsibility and I won’t back down on that one.


We have the technology in place to safeguard banks, power grids and sensitive data.
I for one, wish to hold these institutions to task, safeguarding my money, my electric grid and my country. How about joining me in contacting legislators, asking them to address this issue?


After all, my money and yours made these corporations rich. It’s payback time.


Be safe…Debora Joyce


Author of ”Identity Theft – A Victims Search For Justice”  DB 103152

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