Grandparents Day is September 11. Seems like a good time to bring up the Grandparents scam. (  This old scam  has  resurfaced, or maybe it never  went away. Here is some info for you to use to protect yourself and fight back. Nothing is safe from those who want to separate  us from our hard earned money, much less our Social  Security  and  retirement.


Report it to the Federal Trade Commission by phone 877-382-4357, or 


Learn about common scams and how to recover from them at

To file a report online, go to

Follow  these  steps- 

  • They  use reports to investigate and bring cases against fraud, scams, and bad business practices, but they can’t resolve reports on behalf of individuals.
  • They will share your report with law enforcement partners.
  • They use reports to spot trends, educate the public, and provide data about what is happening in your community. You can check out what is going on in your state or metro area by visiting

When they bring cases, they try to get money back for people. Check out to see recent FTC cases that resulted in refunds.

Additional Information

Family Emergency Scams


Thanks  to  Jeff Tom from  Alliance  for Adults with Vision Loss for sharing this information.

There are  many people who are looking out for us. Be informed, and fore armed!


Deborah E.  Joyce

Author of “Identity Theft:  A  Victims  Search For Justice” DB  103152

Check out my  new webinar at  Look for “Scams” under podcasts. I am  grateful to Jeff Tom and  Dan Sippl  for hosting  the event on August  29th.

Dan is  a  retired  criminal  investigator  for  the  State  of Wisconsin. Jeff, an Attorney, is the President  of  Alliance  for Adults  with Vision Loss, an affiliate  of  the American  Council for the Blind.


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