Hello everyone. This is a departure from my blog, but I had to write about what is going on right now. A friend of mine just came back from a trip across the country with her boyfriend. They went through 7 states and she told me that she couldn’t breathe because of all the smoke. You know, I’m blind, but I used to be able to see and I remember looking at pictures of the giant Sequoia in California, and I love nature. I also think about the plants, animals, birds, and reptiles that we are losing by the second.  I read that Arizona is running out of water, believe it or not

What does this have to do with identity theft? Well, as prices go up, and they will dramatically, thieves will be looking for easy money. Think about it – the lands that were growing food are burning. Trees once used for building houses, burning in a wood stove, fencing, are burned up. Medical bills will be going up because of breathing problems. Please, please be careful. We can come out on the other side if we all work together to keep each other safe. Each drop of water, every molecule of air is precious. And so are you. Don’t forget that. DEJ



sitting in my backyard

with my dog in a cup of coffee

saying good morning to the trees

you’re looking kind of lofty


I’ve been to California

never saw the Sequoia

I remember pictures of those mighty trees

sentinels waving in the breeze


Home to birds and all kinds of things

hiding in those branches

200 feet above our heads

I never thought they would end up dead


Fires were licking their mighty trunks

burned out trees falling down in chunks

what were we thinking, how can this be?

All that is left is a memory


I remember the pictures

I can see them in my mind

now I’ll never know their Majesty

you see, we were totally blind

Oh hi there 👋, Deborah here...
It’s nice to meet you.

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1 thought on “Trees

  1. Liked your poem. I too wish to save the trees throughout the world. California seems to be paradise lost. Unless we can turn things around very soon.

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