Hello Everyone!

I came through my first ever live interview on Lois T. Martin’s show, “I’ve Got Your Number” on Wednesday, January 2, 2019. I was nervous, but Lois and her cohost JoAnna Garfi  McNally brilliantly guided me through the interview.

Not only was it an amazing success, we even had enough time at the end of the show to answer a few questions. I am grateful, in that Lois and JoAnna gave me the time to talk about this very important topic, identity theft, on their amazing show

Due to the success of my segment, at some point in the near future, Lois has decided to use each Wednesday nights show as a platform to disseminate information on various hot topics to her listening audience. Upcoming shows will include, but not be limited to such topics as autism, healthcare and

money management.  Lois and JoAnna both felt there is a lack of information on many topics that are not generally discussed.  Each week, the guest host will answer questions from the audience as well.

I  would like to mention that the Monday shows are geared for all to join in to ask their questions to the utmost professional and intuitive empaths one would want to listen to.  

My heartfelt thanks to Lois and JoAnna for helping me to spread the word about identity theft. I know that upcoming speakers will enjoy the same success as I had, under the guidance and support of these two wonderful women who only want the best for everyone.

“Thank you” Lois for this amazing opportunity. I know that because of your show my mission of moving identity theft from civil to criminal court will succeed. I leave you with the last two words that Lois said to me: “have faith”

Happy  New  Year,


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Note:  Each  show  is  archived.  If  you  miss  a  show, or  wish  to  listen  to  past  shows, go  to  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/loistmartin and there is a listing of previous episodes on the  page.  Enjoy!

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