CONSUMER PROTECTION/LABOR. Passing .. SB 676… Deepfakes. SB 309.
Makes it a Class C felony to intentionally manipulate images called deepfakes – edited pictures of videos created by computer software that virtually removes a person’s face from an existing image and pastes it onto the body of another.. Online privacy. HB 125, HD 2. Establishes the Uniform Employee and Student Online Privacy Protection Act, which protects the online accounts of employees, prospective employees, unpaid interns, applicants, students and prospective students from employers and educational institutions


Hey everybody. It’s always interesting to me to find something like this when I peruse all the newspapers online in different states. This one happens to be from the state of, believe it or not, Hawaii. It’s now a crime to forge state IDs, drivers licenses, employee identification cards, with fake pictures lifted off the Internet. Amazing that you have to write a law in order to make this a crime.


Am I the only one out here who thinks this is ludicrous? That it’s obvious that this should be a crime? I’m not about to look at the laws in all 50 states, but I just wonder how many states consider deepfake a crime? Welcome to the 21st century.


Obviously (pun intended), don’t forget to wash your hands, and be safe. I’m still wearing a mask in public, because although I’ve had my shots, many have not. It’s a matter of choice.

Be safe,

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